Camp Swim Program

Depending on the camp, campers have a chance to swim three to five days each week.*  Our Discovery and Kinder camps participate in structured swim lessons throughout the week with a strong emphasis on water safety skills. Our progressive swim lesson program provides opportunities for them to advance skills and move to higher levels based on their progress.
Full day Sports, STEAM, and Gymnastics campers cool down in the pool area under the supervision of lifeguards and camp staff with age appropriate structured games. Any camper that is evaluated as a non-swimmer will participate in structured swim lessons to learn how to be safe in the water and work on the skills needed to pass our deep water swim check.

Each Monday, campers will be swim checked under the supervision of our American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructors and certified American Red Cross lifeguards. We follow strict swim checks to determine the best layers of protection for our swimmers and to make sure they are provided with age appropriate skills with a strong focus on building strong and confident swimmers.

Safety of our participants is our #1 goal! All camp activities are supervised by a camp supervisor, American Red Cross certified lifeguards and water safety instructors, swim instructors, and camp counselors. We follow strong measures that are in place to keep campers safe in the pool such as:

  • First day orientation with campers to review pool rules.
  • In water swim checks every Monday to evaluate which group swimmers are in.
  • Structured head counts every 10-15 minutes to ensure that all campers are accounted for.
  • Swim cap and buddy tags given to participants with their group color based on swim check- this helps staff ensure that campers are in the safest areas of the pool based on their skill level.
  • Floatation devices for any non-swimmer
  • Camper to staff ratios to ensure that swimmers are supervised in smaller groups.
  • Regular lifeguard in service training to ensure.
  • Swim training for all aquatics and camp counselor staff
  • Weekly lifeguard trainings to ensure that lifeguards are providing best care to participants.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the water with our campers summer! For any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to Vickie Tsakmakis,

For details about our swim ratios, click here.
For details about our swim checks, click here.
*Swimming is not offered in half day sports, half day gymnastics or adventure camp.