CIT/LIT Programs



Leaders In Training

Youth who have completed grades 6-8 (full day only)

The LIT (Leaders in Training) program is designed for youth who want to be more involved in a camp setting. This program will help them develop as a leader both in camp and in their community. LIT’s will be coached through different tasks including activity planning, camper supervision and much more! LIT’s will earn community service hours as well as have an opportunity to be accepted earlier into the CIT program based on their performance. LIT’s will be placed within an age group of their preference.

Counselors in Training
Completed grades 9 or 10 (Membership required)

The CIT (Counselor in Training) program is designed to help young people become leaders both at camp and within their community. CITs will participate in a number of activities that are aimed at building their own unique leadership skills; team building, values sessions, positive role modeling and problem solving. CITs will be coached through different tasks including activity planning,  camper supervision and much more. CITs are either located at Discovery Camp,  Sports or Kinder Camp. All potential CITs must apply through a CIT application available online or at the Member Services Desk. 

Learn more details about the program through our additional resources including summer calendars and parent handbook